Coaching and mindfulness with Jenny

How may school work impact on a child’s self belief? 

How many hours do they spend in school?

How can you support wellbeing, good work ethics and resilience at home?

What can you as a parent do when it gets a bit too much for your child with homework and exam pressures?

Jenny says:

” During years of teaching in both the state and the private sector, I became aware of the increased stress level the children experience and how daunting the process towards end of year tests and 11+ entrance exams might be for parents.

Sadly, we cannot change tradition over night. Nor can we change the fast moving society our children grow up in. But we can support them in becoming resilient, strong and happy human beings. Wellbeing for children and parents has never been as important as it is now!”

 Jenny’s popular workshops have proven to open up necessary discussions and have motivated parents and children alike to make positive changes in their daily routine.

As a highly experienced teacher, Jenny also runs successful inset days for teaching staff around the country, focusing on mindset of children and the balance between home and school.

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