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Back to school and beliefs:

As always, there is such a buzz meeting parents and have the time -and space- to discuss every day challenges and to share solutions. During the past Autumn term and the current Spring term the above heading is the focus: during years of teaching it has become apparent that how children approach challenges and how they react to certain situations is the making or breaking of their confidence.

-See you all at 7.30 pm as usual!

Young Carers Twickenham:

We have had the privilege to work with the most inspiring group of young people who -despite their challenges in life- are determined to build a great future for themselves. Keep the energy going and see you again in September!

More school workshops ahead:

“I have had excellent feedback about your sessions. It was a fantastic way of engaging the children in thinking about how to build upon their dreams. We were impressed with the ideas and thoughts of the children and that they were able to think so maturely about their dreams. The children really enjoyed it and loved the analogies which sparked some great conversations during our PSHE lessons.”

Ms Gibney, Head of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)

The latest cycle of our parent workshops 2015/2016 have now come to and end. It has been a fantastic few months and well done to all the participants!

We are now in the midst of planning a new, exciting series of workshops together with another group of great parents starting this coming academic year.workshop

Comments from parents who have attended these workshops:

“Just a quick note to say thank YOU for tonight’s session. Even as I returned home to tuck in at bedtime I had the opportunity to use some of the fabulous skills you are sharing with us as my child was feeling sad.”

“I wanted to thank you for your help and advice during the parents’ workshop. It was really inspirational and encouraged me to make some positive lifestyle changes that have been a huge benefit, not just for myself, but for my whole family. I am now also equipped to encourage and support my daughter to develop the skills required to survive the pressures of modern life by becoming more resilient and able to motivate herself.”

“This is just a quick note to say how much I valued the workshop last Thursday evening.  I found it challenging but a perfect mirror of the process my son has to go through.”

“I really enjoyed it for my own benefit too! I have made really positive changes in my life which have had a great effect on the rest of my family.”

“Me and my child used the skill we discussed last night to surprising effect the very next morning and it revealed feelings and attitudes that have given us a lot to work on.”

“I just wanted to say thank you and to share with you the difference we have seen in our son: He is really thinking about his life and all that he enjoys and conversely doesn’t. He thoroughly gets that sometimes things have to be done  (i.e. homework) and how to now approach it in a much more mature fashion.”

“Our child went up two sub-levels this term and received the progress prize from his school. We could not believe it! Thank you for showing him he ‘can do it’.”

GEMS Hampshire School – Chelsea

WELL DONE to all the children in Years 1-4 in GEMS Hampshire School, Chelsea for invaluable energy during your well-being week. What a great initiative from your school!

In addition, an action packed, challenging but very inspiring inset day was a great way to kick off the new term for the staff at the GEMS Hampshire School in Chelsea on the 5th Jan. Well done to all!

“Dear Jenny,
Thank you for a great morning. We all came away with different thoughts, questions and goals!!! These workshops enable us to stop, reflect and focus our minds during our busy schedules.
Thank you.
Mr Brennan – Head Teacher at GEMs Hampshire School.”

Nature’s Medicine Retreat Day – Hampton

On the 22nd November, Nature’s Medicine’s  held their very first Retreat Day, packed with inspiration and pampering. Thank you all for being so fantastic! Look out for the next one which will be planned closer to Spring and make sure to book early to ensure your place.

Nature's Medicine Retreat Day
Nature’s Medicine Retreat Day

Nature’s Medicine Life Balance Workshop – Hampton

Thank you to those who attended Nature’s Medicine’s workshop on the 16th October, focusing on Life Balance. It was a lovely session where you all contributed.

Children, life balance and motivational skills – Dulwich

We are thrilled with the feedback we got after our Event in Dulwich in February, focusing on children, life balance and motivational skills:

“It was a fantastic evening and I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share your passion and inspiring us. Your commitment and excitement shone throughout and also your courage to talk about the very personal examples which brought the ‘theory’ to real life. I admire your determination to take charge of your own life and destiny, make things happen and to make a difference. There are many life skills our children need beyond the academic but without confidence and self esteem as a founding belief the learning journey is so much more difficult.”

– Lindsey, participator and parent

Following the success in Dulwich, Wannberg Coaching is now booked for monthly workshops, focusing on life balance and children.

Dulwich Workshop
Dulwich Workshop

Life and Style Event at Nature’s Medicine – Hampton

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Life and Style Event at Nature’s Medicine the 5th December.